Hello Again!


8BC72028-7862-4928-B28D-7ECB92870985No, NOT bad news, dear readers! But rather, good news and, well, NEWS.

At yesterday’s  visit with my dear Dr. Hellerstedt, she upgraded me to annual-only visits!!! She DID say, “Again” but oh well!

She also gave two thumbs up to a procedure I have scheduled next month.  The scar tissue on my right, cancer, side – is badly adhesed to my ribs with no intervening tissue. This restricts my range of motion and causes a significant amount of “discomfort”.  I’ve been been referred to various doctors and now have a surgical plan.

What I will be having done is essentially reconstruction with scar release and autologous  fat grafting (and yes, I DO have cleverly camouflaged fat!). This will lay in a padding of fat between the released scar and my ribs, hopefully preventing further adhesion.

My (new) plastic surgeon pointed to my tummy and informed me “Now,  you should be aware that this won’t be available for any future reconstruction you might want to have.”

Plastic  surgeons – what a crack-up!

“Good!” I said, trying not to roll my eyes. Many if you don’t know about the fantastic chest tattoo I had put on December 2016!

Like I’d mess THAT up!

Have wonderful holidays, everyone! Surgery day will be January 14, 2019.


#27 – Burned

Last night, trying without much success to fall asleep, I felt for the first time really Burned. Like, sunburn burned.

Believe me, that was a familiar feeling. Some of you who were also kids in the 50’s and 60’s will remember the homemade “suntan lotion” of baby oil and iodine? That was more my dad’s poison than mine, but my friends used to compete as to who could peel bigger strips of skin off my back.

I know, disgusting, ain’t it? Well, I’ve had the skin cancers to pay penance for it 😉

Well, I got up, smeared some (more) Aquaphor on myself and took some Ibuprofen. After tomorrow I can use Silvadene.

Get to healin’.

#26 – Quiet

“You’re quiet today,” Jason remarked after they had set me up. 

Normally I chatter away, I guess. I hadn’t really thought about it. 

Now I’m just looking forward to Thursday’s last round. Will they do the weekly X-ray’s tomorrow? Will I see the doctor, and when again – and after that, who will follow up about my skin? 

Sigh. Two more rounds. I’m so tired of all this.

Plus I still can’t taste anything. That takes most of the fun out of celebrating 😉

We’re almost done, folks. Hang in there!

#25 – the Downhill Run

In the spirit of the Olympics…this is the last week of my cancer treatment.

Did you get that?

Not just the last week of rads, but the last week of this  8 month course of treatment that began last June. After four surgeries,  four rounds of chemotherapy and now only 3 more of 4 treatments left for this week.

Then recovery. Healing. Rebuilding strength and stamina.

I can’t help but think, though, that it’s never really over. Cancer comes back, or if not cancer then something else. Aging is all about gradually (or not so gradually   😦  breaking down. Dust to dust. Somewhere along the line one must learn to absorb the illness, treatment and recovery into the stream of one’s life.

Is it even possible?  Do we even have a choice? I was and am still aggravated by the feeling of having had to “put things on hold” these past 8 months.  I hope and pray I have learned from it, and grown thru it.

“Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful,

for I have taken refuge in you;

in the shadow of your wings will I take refuge

until this time of trouble has gone by.”

Ps 57:1

#24 – 6/7’s done

And I’m pretty sure I have the flu. I dunno. But I called the doc and they switched my atb to Augmentin. I’m coughing and hacking and blowing. 

Happy Valentines’s Day, anybody?   : )

They said I could still have my rads, so the DH drove me. I didn’t see Terri but there was some passed-out woman on a stretcher. She looked pretty much the same when I came out as when I had gone in. 

God bless her.

I’m staying in for the weekend, I do believe. 

Good night everyone. Only 4 more rounds.

#23 – Dontcha just Hate

having to spend a sick day being sick?

I did go down to rads, and saw Dr. Wu. She’s just recovering from stomach flu, so it was hard to tell which of us most wanted to avoid the other ; )

She approved the Ceftin, said my scabby area is looking “great” (I wonder about her sometimes)  and was overall encouraging. Only 5 more treatments, and the weekend off after tomorrow.

Jury still out on whether or not I’ll go to work tomorrow. I’ve spent the day coughing and blowing my nose, so I bet they’d prefer I stay away : )

(I can heroically sacrifice myself by staying home again)

Time for green NyQuil and night-night.

#22 – Systems Down

No, not the linear accelorater. Mine.

WBC 2.7. Temps up over 100. Snorking and coughing. Scabby (but not weepy) radiation site on my incision line. Doctor out sick or running 2 hours behind.

Thank God for NP Lisa. And Ceftin.

No work today for me : (

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