Day 74 – Wait, what? I’m sick?!

So, um, I had an – uh – abnormally high WBC today at Lisa NP visit. 


(The stick hurt as well, both in AND out.  There’s a lot of scar tissue there because of past pharesis, but I think she might have got a nerve. I actually jumped and squeaked – which didn’t help since it was a new person, who probably thought I’m a total wimp).

Deciding the crazy high value was because it was Day 9 after Neulasta rather than Day 7, Nurse Lisa said ” A REGULAR doctor seeing this would think you are super sick or had leukemia.”


We talked about how well I’m doing, overall. Granted, the diarrhea has been intense this week, my potassium values are low (I got a food list, yay! Oh, look! Prune juice is on there!). I’ll see Dr. H in 2 weeks, have more lab work, and then again to review the surgical biopsy report. 

Anyway, I came home and took a nap. Woke up heavy after bizarre dreams, with a headache, sore throat and rising fever. It hit 100.4 – (100.5 being the point at which you call it it).  It was still before 5, so I called the oncologist. Whatever I got,  bacterial or viral, I’ve got some Levaquin now.

Side effects: diarrhea.  Oh, and gastritis, apparently.

Oh, joy.

Getting into the spirit of the thing, and actually having a REALLY good appetite (surprise! ; ) – I decided I’d take my chances and  devoured the most marvelous Eggplant Parmigiana (thanks, Jim And Kay!).

Also got prayed over. I was afraid of infecting THEM with something, but we St. John’s choir folks don’t scare easily, lol! 

In fact, I seem to be getting kinda sassy. Defying the mouth sores, thumbing my nose at the tomato sauce.  Rubbing the buddha belly with genuine affection.

Forget being “thin and interesting” – it’s good to be a sheep.


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  1. julia
    Oct 25, 2013 @ 21:32:15

    stay sassy 🙂


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