# 18 – Bye, bye, iPad?

I can’t find my iPad. I’m sure I put it in my crochet bag, but I didn’t use it all day and so I didn’t discover its loss until getting back home this afternoon.

It’s not so much the having to replace it that I mind, it’s the thought that someone at work – a coworker, resident or visitor – stole it from me. I keep thinking – maybe I got it out and left it under some papers on my desk (unlikely) or maybe I forgot to lock my car when I went into the grocery store after work, and it was stolen then. That one’s more likely and more tolerable.

All that aside, I had a great day, full of God’s mercy. I passed along a surprise plant gift to a bereaved resident, gave away the last of the Xmas scarves to a cold and grateful homeless man and found surprise money in my wallet (you know the kind, when you were sure you had given away your last couple of bucks to that homeless guy) to buy a Sprite for the new hospice resident who can’t keep anything else down. On the other hand, there wasn’t much I could do for another resident who misses her pet, sadly banished for aggressive overprotectiveness. There’s not much I can do for the lady who’s been crying in pain due to rotten teeth, but then fought off the dentist who was trying to do the extractions – and there are no resources for an oral surgeon. I got aggravated over my complicated discharge planning for another resident getting tangled up, but not to the extent that I had to make shamefaced apologies.

Thank you, God, for my work and my daily bread.

God’s grace.There was steak, and baked potatoes and savoury steamed carrots and cauliflower with lemon.  Choir practice was lovely and cleansing. I got sympathy from my dear friends, which is always comforting.

School is closed tomorrow. I can sleep in enough to see if it’s really going to precipitate, and if not I will drive south, check my desk for the iPad, go to rads and be home early.

I pray we will all be safe on the roads tomorrow.


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  1. melodyelise
    Feb 07, 2014 @ 00:18:06

    The best ever’ worth my memorizing and attempting to record, as is the diligent practice for which I’m striving ‘ ~ so much work for me to do ~ and the dishes of oatmeal of photo friends ~ Alix, me, Marco, you ~


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