Hello Again!


8BC72028-7862-4928-B28D-7ECB92870985No, NOT bad news, dear readers! But rather, good news and, well, NEWS.

At yesterday’s  visit with my dear Dr. Hellerstedt, she upgraded me to annual-only visits!!! She DID say, “Again” but oh well!

She also gave two thumbs up to a procedure I have scheduled next month.  The scar tissue on my right, cancer, side – is badly adhesed to my ribs with no intervening tissue. This restricts my range of motion and causes a significant amount of “discomfort”.  I’ve been been referred to various doctors and now have a surgical plan.

What I will be having done is essentially reconstruction with scar release and autologous  fat grafting (and yes, I DO have cleverly camouflaged fat!). This will lay in a padding of fat between the released scar and my ribs, hopefully preventing further adhesion.

My (new) plastic surgeon pointed to my tummy and informed me “Now,  you should be aware that this won’t be available for any future reconstruction you might want to have.”

Plastic  surgeons – what a crack-up!

“Good!” I said, trying not to roll my eyes. Many if you don’t know about the fantastic chest tattoo I had put on December 2016!

Like I’d mess THAT up!

Have wonderful holidays, everyone! Surgery day will be January 14, 2019.

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